Walmart Canada and the Canadian Red Cross join forces to support Canadian communities

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August 23, 2013

Walmart Canada and the Canadian Red Cross join forces to support Canadian communities

As one of the leading non-profit organizations in Canada, the Canadian Red Cross strives to provide assistance to people in Canada and abroad who have been impacted by emergencies and disasters.

In addition to emergency relief, the Canadian Red Cross offers programs that provide people with skills to help them overcome adversity and acquire greater knowledge, such as water safety, and first aid and CPR. The Red Cross' violence and abuse prevention and migrant and refugee services also offer an essential layer of support to people who have been affected by hardships.

The Canadian Red Cross works to help those in need and depends on the support of generous Canadians, as well as philanthropic corporations.

Since 1994, Walmart Canada has donated and raised more than $160 million to benefit Canadian charities and non-profit organizations like the Canadian Red Cross, making it an essential sponsor of the Red Cross' domestic and international work.

To learn more about how Walmart Canada's annual fundraising campaign for the Canadian Red Cross and how you can show your support today, please read below.

Annual fundraising campaign
From August 1 to August 25 in Walmart Canada stores across the country, customers can make a donation to the Canadian Red Cross during checkout to benefit the National Society's humanitarian work.

In 2012, Walmart Canada raised $2.6 million through its annual fundraising campaign to benefit Canadian Red Cross disaster and preparedness programming. Since 2003, this partnership has yielded more than $21 million in funds for disaster relief efforts for individuals affected by earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and other emergencies. 

"Walmart Canada remains our largest corporate supporter, and we are extremely grateful for their generous and continued support of Red Cross disaster programming," said Conrad Sauvé, secretary general and CEO at the Canadian Red Cross.

In addition, when a disaster occurs in a community, Walmart Canada makes donations of clothes and food, which the Red Cross distributes to people in need.

"Walmart Canada is proud to play a pivotal role in providing urgently needed relief items during disasters and beyond," said Shelley Broader, president and CEO of Walmart Canada. "We are always standing by, ready to support the Canadian Red Cross to ensure our communities get the help they need when they need it the most."

How you can help
With a growing network of  more than 380 stores across the country, Walmart Canada is dedicated to helping the Canadian Red Cross further its humanitarian mission. 

For the Canadian Red Cross, partnerships with corporations like Walmart Canada means gaining access to vital resources that can benefit individuals who have been impacted by disasters. 

Following an emergency, the Canadian Red Cross provides much-needed items to affected individuals, including food, water, clothing and shelter. With its team of passionate volunteers and staff, the Canadian Red Cross strives to assist people in their time of hardship.

To show your support for the work of the Canadian Red Cross and to make a difference in the lives of people who need a strong layer of support today, please donate online or at your local Canadian Red Cross office.

Each contribution allows the Red Cross to better address the needs of individuals who have been affected by adversity and give them the skills and knowledge to reduce the severity of future emergencies and disasters.

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