The Canadian Red Cross and Desjardins Insurance create joint humanitarian program

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October 28, 2013

The Canadian Red Cross and Desjardins Insurance create joint humanitarian program

The Canadian Red Cross is one of the largest non-profit organizations in Canada, and each year it provides essential humanitarian aid and assistance both internationally and domestically. Recently, the Canadian Red Cross in Quebec partnered with Desjardins Insurance, the largest financial cooperative group in the country.

The joint humanitarian effort aims to pool resources that can be used to meet essential community needs following emergencies and disasters.

"This unique initiative shows how important it is for the Red Cross to be able to rely on a partner like Desjardins," said Michel Léveillé, director general of the Red Cross in Quebec. "Thanks to this collaboration, the most vulnerable will be able to return to normal life sooner in the aftermath of disasters such as fires. On behalf of everyone who will benefit from this assistance, the Red Cross would like to thank Desjardins for its humanitarian commitment."

Sylvie Paquette, the president and chief operating officer of Desjardins, also praised the new partnership with the Red Cross, which she called an organization that shared the insurance group's values.

"Each year, hundreds of people suddenly become homeless following a disaster," said Paquette, "Thanks to the agreement Desjardins Insurance signed with the Red Cross, several people affected by disasters will have access to the Desjardins Support Fund. This fund provides financial assistance enabling those who are affected to get off to a good start."

Three levels of aid
The new initiative is composed of three components, or levels of recovery assistance.

Component 1 focuses on recovery assistance for those individuals impacted by residential fires or personal disasters on a smaller scale. In some cases, Red Cross emergency aid would be immediately followed by recovery assistance through the Desjardins Support Fund.

Component 2 is centered around assistance for those affected by small- and medium-scale disasters. In this case, the program would aim to provide recovery aid to wider communities where minimal damage has occurred and specific fundraising campaigns have not been launched.

Component 3 is specifically reserved for recovery assistance in response to large-scale disasters. The Desjardins Support Fund would allow the insurance group to contribute to a fundraising campaign organized by the Canadian Red Cross to help those impacted by the major emergency.

Whatever the scale of disaster, you can make a difference today. Donate online or at your local Canadian Red Cross center.

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