Staying safe on the roads

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December 06, 2013

Every year, winter weather is a factor in thousands of motor vehicle collisions. Yet many of these could be avoided by exercising caution and planning ahead during the winter months. As the winter continues, and many regions may be affected by harsh weather conditions, the Red Cross urges Canadians to be cautious while driving.

The Red Cross offers the following tips to stay safe on the roads this winter:

Prepare your vehicle: Invest in a full set of winter tires and keep them on your car for the duration of the season.

Keep it stocked: Make sure you have essential supplies in your vehicle such as a first aid kit, small shovel, extra windshield fluid, a snow brush/ice scraper, and warm winter clothing. Keep your gas tank at least half-full and carry a fully-charged cell phone

Slow down and control skids: It takes longer to stop on snow-covered or icy roads. Reduce your speed and leave ample distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. You should also allow yourself extra travel time to get to your destination.

Watch the weather: Listen to the weather report before you head out and beware conditions such as blizzards and black ice, which are especially treacherous to drive in. Avoid driving in bad weather whenever possible, particularly when visibility and road conditions are compromised.

Canadians should also take a first aid course in case they find themselves in an emergency. The Canadian Red Cross is a leading provider of first aid and CPR programs and has been offering first aid and CPR training to Canadians for over 50 years. For more information or to find a course near you, visit

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