Red Cross volunteer to 'Walk the Talk' to prevent bullying

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November 21, 2013

Red Cross volunteer to 'Walk the Talk' to prevent bullying

As one of the most active charity organizations in Canada, the Canadian Red Cross has a number of philanthropic endeavours that it pursues in order to improve the lives of those in need. While there are many urgent issues facing people across the country, one of the significant problems that people face is bullying.

Bullying can have a negative long-term impact on the emotional health and wellness of those who are targeted for it. Feelings of doubt, insecurity, uncertainty and anxiety can be common among those who endured bullying as children, youth and adults. However, people who bully may target those of all ages, and bullying can occur in a variety of different settings, from the home to the schoolroom to the boardroom.

The Canadian Red Cross' commitment to reducing the spread of bullying in communities has lead to the creation of a number of unique events and programs throughout Canada. The struggle to put a stop to harmful bullying behaviours has spurred one dedicated Red Cross volunteer to cross new lengths in order to do so.

Andy's story
Andy Callicum is a Red Cross volunteer from British Columbia who recently participated in a three-day walk, referred to as "Walk the Talk," to help draw attention to the importance of bullying prevention programs in reducing the occurrence of violence and abuse in people's lives.

The event took place from September 20 to September 22, and the walk itself spanned 118 kilometres. Andy encouraged Canadians to not only donate to support the event, but also to sign a pledge online to help develop solutions for reducing bullying within the community.

"As a young man, a resident of Alberni and as a volunteer within the Governance of the Canadian Red Cross, I feel I can and should be doing something to help," said Andy.

All donations received as a result of the event will be used to kickstart school-based Red Cross bullying prevention workshops in the Alberni-Clayquot area of British Columbia.

Donate today
The Canadian Red Cross' impact on the ground can be felt in a number of ways. From assisting those in need during times of emergencies and disasters to creating programs that provide people with the resources they need to overcome the effects of violence and abuse as well as other tribulations, the Canadian Red Cross strives to empower those affected by hardships in Canada and abroad.

With your help, the Canadian Red Cross can continue to provide comprehensive services that work to make a difference in the lives of those in need. By choosing to donate online or at a local Red Cross office today, you can show your support for men, women and children who are struggling with adversity.

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