Red Cross responds to floods in Canada throughout the summer

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November 12, 2013

Red Cross responds to floods in Canada throughout the summer

The Canadian Red Cross is one of the largest charity organizations in the country, and each year it responds to emergencies and disasters within Canada's borders, providing humanitarian aid where it is needed most. In the summer of 2013, the Canadian Red Cross rushed to help those affected by severe flooding in several provinces.

Making a difference in Alberta
In June 2013, the province of Alberta received continuous heavy rainfall that led to some of the worst flooding in Canada's history. Thousands of residents were impacted, but with the help of the Red Cross, many displaced Canadians were able to find their footing again. The Canadian Red Cross supported the city of Calgary, helping provide sheltering services, supplies and personnel to assist evacuees, while providing cots, blankets and hygiene kits to a number of towns and cities.

However, one of the most significant ways the Canadian Red Cross was able to help residents in Alberta was through fundraising. Even two months after the floods, the Canadian Red Cross reported that funds had continued to pour in, uninterrupted. Donations have helped families impacted by the flooding immensely.

The funds have worked immediately to help individuals with urgent need for food, clothing, medications, health equipment or help returning to work. In the long run, the Canadian Red Cross will be using the money to help those who have lost their homes, or have severely damaged homes, those whose income has suffered significantly as a result of flooding, or individuals who are not covered by insurance.

Floods strike again in Quebec
In early September, flooding also swept through the city of Magog, Quebec. The Canadian Red Cross immediately launched a fundraising campaign to assist those affected, while supporting the efforts of volunteer teams in the area.

The support being provided by the Canadian Red Cross helped meet the needs of at least 79 families in the region, providing them with food, clothing and shelter following the severe flooding.

The mayor of Magog, Vicki May Hamm, acknowledged that even among recent disasters, the generosity shown by Canadian citizens was unparalleled, and help was needed:

"We are aware that citizens are often being solicited for donations lately, especially after the tragedy of Lac-Mégantic. However, we cannot stand by and ignore the situation when several Magog families lost everything in these floods and no longer have a place to live. In certain cases, it is even impossible to know when they will be able to return to their homes. To those who will donate their time or money to help these families overcome this difficult time, I thank you in advance."

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