Red Cross internships help youth gain vital experience

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December 03, 2013

Red Cross internships help youth gain vital experience

Every day, the Canadian Red Cross - one of the most active nonprofit organizations in the country - works to provide assistance to individuals across Canada and around the world affected by emergencies and disasters.

From first aid and CPR courses, to violence and abuse prevention education, the Canadian Red Cross improves the lives of vulnerable individuals worldwide and provides the opportunity for people to demonstrate their caring for others in need.  

Across Canada, youth are becoming more involved with the Canadian Red Cross in an effort to impact their lives at home, school and in their communities. Through International Humanitarian Law (IHL), they can also leave their mark in meaningful ways on the international community.

Building relationships abroad
The internships offered in the Government Relations, Policy and International Humanitarian Law Unit at the Canadian Red Cross give youth the opportunity to explore issues related to humanitarian policy and law.  It allows students to engage in critical research to help create solutions for those impacted by armed conflicts and disasters around the world.

Zoe Marler and Allison Li – two youth  who recently completed their internships with the International Humanitarian Law program - gained new insight and exposure to diverse experiences helping those in need through their work with the Red Cross.

"My four months of internship at the IHL Unit has provided me with an exceptional opportunity to gain the knowledge about the dynamics between the Canadian government and the [Canadian Red Cross'] humanitarian work during both domestic and international disasters and conflicts," said Li, who graduated from Carleton University with a Master's degree in Infrastructure Protection and International Security.

For Marler, who heard about the internship from a professor, the opportunity to work with a non-profit organization was eye-opening.

"I had a great experience here in Ottawa at the Canadian Red Cross, meeting a lot of really interesting people, colleagues and otherwise, and being involved in interesting projects and doing stimulating work," said Marler. "It was especially nice to experience a work environment outside the traditional legal workplace, one that was more aligned with my interests and allowed me to be part of the humanitarian community while still utilizing my skills and legal training."

How we can help
Youth in the Canadian Red Cross can gain experience in a variety of different fields through internships. The involvement that youth take on can shape their futures toward humanitarian work.

For others, the satisfaction of helping those in need or gaining new skills working with the Canadian Red Cross, can help individuals define their goals and develop greater confidence in their own abilities to do great things.

If you or someone you know is searching for youth internships or other opportunities to become involved with humanitarian work,  you can learn more by visiting the Canadian Red Cross website.

You can also make a difference by choosing to donate online or at a local Red Cross office today. Each contribution helps the Canadian Red Cross deliver vital aid to individuals affected by emergencies and disasters in Canada and around the world.. 

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