Make a difference during Bullying Awareness Week with the Canadian Red Cross

Topics: Violence, Bullying and Abuse Prevention
November 15, 2013

Make a difference during Bullying Awareness Week with the Canadian Red Cross

As one of the largest non-profit organizations in the country, the Canadian Red Cross provides extensive humanitarian aid both domestically and internationally. But that wide scope also allows the Canadian Red Cross to address major concerns close to home, like bullying.

Every year, for seven days in November, the Canadian Red Cross recognizes Bullying Awareness Week and helps spread the message about bullying and harassment prevention. One of the best ways to end bullying is through knowledge and education, which is why the Canadian Red Cross provides kids, parents and teachers with important statistics on bullying in Canada.

The facts about bullying
Did you know that more than half of bullied children don't report being bullied to a teacher? Bullying can have an impact on young people's academic achievement and induce negative feelings about education environments. And bullying is present outside the classroom or school hallways - many youth are bullied online. Cyberbullying is a growing concern in Canada.

Perhaps most shockingly, 85 per cent of all bullying happens in front of an audience. Too often, witnesses and bystanders will only watch what happens - some may encourage the behavior. But if someone steps in, he or she can turn the tide. According to the Canadian Red Cross, 57 per cent of the time, bullying stops shortly after a bystander steps in. Everyone - even youth - have the power to stop bullying.

What you can do
When it comes to taking action, Canadian youth are especially capable. Want to make a difference yourself? Become trained as a Red Cross Beyond the Hurt: Bullying Prevention Youth Facilitator, so you can offer bullying prevention tips and education to peers and younger students. Participate in the annual Pink Shirt Day at your school to spread word about creating safe environments free of violence and bullying. Design a website or create posters for your school with tips to end bullying. Write a song about bullying. You can even make a short film or public service announcement. Speeches, presentations, PA system announcements, community events, music, contests, and other youth activities are great outlets for this worthy message. All you have to do is step up and speak.

Looking for more ways to support Bullying Awareness Week beyond this November? Donate to the Canadian Red Cross and help end violence and abuse every week of the year.

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