Kids Help Phone recognized by Canadian Red Cross with citation award

Topics: National, Violence, Bullying and Abuse Prevention
November 21, 2013

On November 20, the Canadian Red Cross presented Kids Help Phone with a citation award in recognition for their efforts to create safe environments for children and youth in Canada. The award coincided with International Children’s Rights Day – a time to remember that every child has the right to education, health and protection.

Kids Help Phone has been supporting the mental health and well-being of children and youth in Canada since 1989 by providing them with anonymous and confidential professional counselling, as well as referrals and information in English and French through technologically-based communications media. Any young person with access to a phone, mobile device, or computer can reach Kids Help Phone any hour of the day or night, from any community in Canada.

In 1989, the Canadian Red Cross integrated Kids Help Phone information into its violence, bullying and abuse prevention programs. Kids Help Phone was presented as a resource to young people who attended Canadian Red Cross workshops on child abuse prevention, bullying prevention and healthy youth relationships. So far, over five million youth have been educated about various aspects of violence prevention and have received information about Kids Help Phone’s support services.

The Canadian Red Cross is honored to work so closely with Kids Help Phone. This award recognizes the incredible work of Kids Help Phone and the partnership that has existed for nearly 25 years. By working together, Canada is becoming a safer place for children and youth. The outstanding work of Kids Help Phone means that all young Canadians are just a click or a call away from getting help.

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