Join the Canadian Red Cross and prevent violence, bullying and abuse in the workplace

Topics: Violence, Bullying and Abuse Prevention
December 03, 2013

Join the Canadian Red Cross and prevent violence, bullying and abuse in the workplace

Violence, abuse and bullying are widespread problems affecting individuals in communities across the country. The Canadian Red Cross has devoted itself to educational programs aimed at stopping these issues in schools, at home and at play. But one of the most important matters this non-profit organization has drawn attention to is the need for violence, bullying and abuse prevention in the workplace.

Many Canadians spend most of their time at work - which makes personal safety absolutely essential. A safe and respectful workplace can nurture positive attitudes and allegiance to a company, while an unsafe workplace can lead to distrust, conflict absenteeism and turnover - so it's in employers' best interests to ensure that workplaces are free of violence, bullying or abuse.

A Canadian survey showed that 17 per cent of violent experiences occur at work, including physical assault, sexual assault and robbery. The emotional impact of work-related violence is extreme, potentially leading to anger, fear and confusion.

It's important for employers to realize that workplace violence doesn't just happen onsite. It can also occur at business functions, such as trade shows, conferences, social events or team-building activities.

Violence and abuse prevention in the workplace requires the input of both employers and employees.

What employees can do
Employees can start with themselves by ensuring that their behaviours are safe and respectful, as well as by drawing attention to workplace environments that may be of concern. Employees should understand and uphold workplace safety policies and procedures to help maintain the safety of the environment.  They also need to know what to do in case of an emergency.

A large part of violence and abuse prevention is simply showing respect. When workers foster a positive day-to-day attitude, they can create positive change.

What employers can do
Employers are responsible for ensuring safe working environments, including workplaces that are free of violence, bullying and abuse. It's the employer's responsibility to educate employees about expected behaviours and what to do if they have any concerns or in case of emergency. Prevention programs and education can go a long way toward keeping harmful behaviours out of workplaces and away from business-related events.

Employers can turn to the Canadian Red Cross for more information about violence, bullying and abuse prevention. And if you want to make a difference today - in workplaces as well as at homes, at schools and at play - you can donate to the Canadian Red Cross and help prevent violence, bullying and abuse before they happen.

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