From rodeo grounds to distribution centre in High River

Topics: Alberta, Emergencies and Disasters in Canada
July 16, 2013

With most of the town still under water or severely damaged by the flood, finding a dry area to set up a distribution centre in High River seemed unlikely. That was until Wade Nelson, president of the High River Agricultural Society, received a call on Friday, June 28.

“The phone rang and the person on the other end said they were calling from Jacksonville, Florida, and that there were transport trucks filled with supplies heading our way,” said Wade as he took off his cowboy hat and sat down on a wooden bench. “I couldn’t believe it, but I knew we had the space here.”

Since then, the arena and rodeo grounds have served as the main distribution centre for relief supplies, as well as an info centre for residents.  Working an average of 16 hours per day, Wade, a young cowboy no older than 35, smiled widely as he shared his experience working with the Canadian Red Cross.  

“I didn’t know much about the Red Cross before this, but you guys have been here since day one.  This never would have happened without you. It means a lot to me to help out the town and I can see that it means a lot to Red Cross volunteers too.  It’ll be years until things get back to the way they are supposed to be, but it’s amazing to have this support and partnership right now,”  added Wade as he smiled again, puts his hat back on and got right back into directing shipments arriving in the warehouse.

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