Elastoplast and Canadian Red Cross organize new match campaign

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November 12, 2013

Elastoplast and Canadian Red Cross organize another match campaign

The Canadian Red Cross is one of the largest charity organizations in Canada, and its efforts are seen all across the nation. But often, the Canadian Red Cross isn't alone in its charitable efforts. Corporate support has long helped the Canadian Red Cross to become the humanitarian leader that it is. Thanks to corporations who lend support by leveraging their financial, material and human resources,, the Canadian Red Cross is better equipped to provide relief and aid to those who need it most.

The Canadian Red Cross and Elastoplast, experts in wound care, are working together to promote first aid knowledge in and around Canada. Elastoplast products bearing Canadian Red Cross logos are important, because a portion of those proceeds go toward Canadian Red Cross first aid programs. But last year, Elastoplast went one step further, partnering with the Canadian Red Cross for an exciting triple match fundraising campaign.

Now, once again, Elastoplast has stepped up to help the Canadian Red Cross raise the money needed to continue its humanitarian efforts.

2013's triple match campaign
From now through October 25, 2013, every dollar you donate to the Canadian Red Cross will be worth triple. Using a triple gift voucher, you can decide how much to donate and watch your gift do three times as much good.

The proud supporter
Elastoplast is a leading brand in quality first aid materials, including wound care treatment for skin and bandages. The company has 125 years of experience in improving first aid and has joined with the Canadian Red Cross in a multi-year partnership. Elastoplast is committed to creating lasting social impact through inspired, responsible giving, and it also believes in helping people to help themselves with first aid knowledge and skills.

This is in keeping with the Canadian Red Cross' focus on emergency preparedness, injury prevention, and first aid and CPR programs, which makes the organization's partnership with Elastoplast even stronger.

Do your part today
Elastoplast's generous support is not an opportunity to be missed. The triple gift offer is important for helping Canadians, but your donation will also go toward first aid and disaster relief worldwide. Use a voucher from the Canadian Red Cross, donate online or visit your local Canadian Red Cross center today.

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