Canadian youth speak out against bullying

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February 14, 2013

Canadian youth speak out against bullying

With their passion and unique perspective, Canadian youth play an important role in creating positive social change.

When young people team up with organizations like the Canadian Red Cross - one of the country's most active charity organizations - the results can be felt throughout many communities.

For one Canadian youth, volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross provided the opportunity to take a stand against a significant problem impacting young people across the country - bullying.

"I have seen a difference and a change."
Kiran Cheema is a volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross' violence and abuse prevention program who lives in Surrey, British Columbia.

Kiran is an aspiring medical school student and works as a peer facilitator - helping educate others on the principles of Beyond the Hurt, a bullying prevention program that is offered in schools across the country.

Kiran's work takes her into many different classrooms, but each message she delivers to younger students is the same. By spreading the Canadian Red Cross' anti-bullying message to students, she's able to impact the lives of younger people by laying a foundation for positive interpersonal habits.

"I have seen a difference and a change with the younger students in my school," says Kiran, who also claims that witnessing the change she's helped create has been an important motivating factor throughout her work with the Canadian Red Cross.

Taking a stand against bulling
In addition to working in classrooms, Kiran participates in education conferences and meetings with local school boards across the province to advocate for the Canadian Red Cross' bullying prevention program.

With her work, she has motivated youth participants to take a stand against bullying and directed three youth-inspired films about bullying, which were screened at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Making a difference
Young people like Kiran have energy and vision that make them a valuable part of the Canadian Red Cross' mission to improve the lives of those in need. From volunteering to advocating for programs offered by the Canadian Red Cross, youth can get involved in a number of exciting ways.

To learn more about volunteer opportunities or to show your support for the Canadian Red Cross with a donation, please visit us online or reach out to a local Canadian Red Cross office today.

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