Canadian Red Cross volunteer responds to 2011 flooding in Manitoba

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April 22, 2013

Canadian Red Cross volunteer responds to 2011 flooding in Manitoba

People affected by emergencies and disasters often feel like they have nowhere to turn, and as a result of the incidents they've endured, may be lacking the resources they need to overcome future challenges.

The Canadian Red Cross, one of Canada's most active non-profit organizations, strives to empower those impacted by adversity and provide them with the tools they need to recover from emergencies and disasters. From providing necessities like food, water and shelter to offering training and educational programs, services from the Canadian Red Cross can make a difference for people in need.

In 2011, Canadian Red Cross volunteers worked to provide assistance to individuals and families affected by flooding in Manitoba.

Heather's story
Heather Thompson volunteered with the Canadian Red Cross at the City of Winnipeg reception centre after the flooding occurred.

"My eyes tear up when I think about this work and I get a feeling in my heart," said Heather. "It feels good because people know that we're here for them. They don't have to worry that their basic needs won't be taken care of because we're here to help."

In April 2011, Heather met with a young couple who had a newborn baby. They were given only two hours' notice to leave their home, and had never been evacuated before.

Heather registered the couple and their child at the reception centre, and also helped them learn more about what they should do next. The family, who had dogs and cats, were able to gain peace of mind when Heather directed them to a nearby pet reception centre.

Make a difference
Flooding and other disasters can occur at a moment's notice and disrupt a person's way of life in significant ways. While this can be an emotionally difficult period for affected individuals, with assistance from the Canadian Red Cross, these people are able to overcome setbacks.

The services provided by the Canadian Red Cross can help people build greater resiliency and the work of volunteers can make a major impact in an individual's life.

In addition to learning more about the services and programs offered by the Canadian Red Cross, you can take action today by choosing to donate online or at your local Canadian Red Cross office.

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