Calculate how much your time is worth with the Canadian Red Cross

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November 27, 2013

Calculate how much your time is worth with the Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross has a rich history of helping communities around Canada and the world. After a century of experience, the charity organization has devoted itself to discovering new and dynamic ways of reaching out. One of the newest - and most exciting - is a calculator that will tell you exactly how much your time is worth to someone in need.

Calculate your level of help
You know your annual salary, and you've certainly broken it down into monthly or weekly increments. But have you ever thought about your minute-by-minute worth? What is a quick coffee break worth, if you convert those five minutes to money. How about that afternoon meeting?

The new Canadian Red Cross calculator breaks down your day for you, converting time into baby food, blankets, emergency clothes, hygiene kits or a week of groceries for someone who needs it most. The calculator is here to change your perspective on the day to day and minute to minute. You can take part in responding to emergencies and disasters by donating a water cooler conversation's worth of time to a good cause. So how much is your time worth?

One minute at a time
At any salary, your minutes and hours can make a difference in someone's life. A lunch hour could translate into two warm blankets. A full workday might yield a day's worth of disaster care and support from the Red Cross for an entire family. Two coffee breaks might provide three meals for someone in need - or one coffee break could cover the cost of a disaster clean-up kit. Consider how your every-day lunch hour is a day's worth of groceries to some. And that 2-hour afternoon meeting could provide baby pajamas and formula to a family in need.

Whatever you earn, every minute and every dollar makes a difference.

Curious to know exactly what your minutes and hours are worth? Calculate the value of your time and donate to the Canadian Red Cross today!

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