Are you ready to become a babysitter?

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April 12, 2013

Are you ready to become a babysitter?

Do you enjoy looking after children and engaging them with imaginative and stimulating games that foster greater understanding of the world at large?

For many young people, a love of children and the desire to gain important job skills are two of the leading reasons to pursue a path in babysitting. Those who are also looking to make new friends and learn more about a potential career path can benefit from this activity as well.

The Canadian Red Cross is an active charity organization that can help you or the special young person in your life make those dreams of babysitting a reality. By offering first aid and CPR courses designed to complement the knowledge and expertise of babysitters, the Canadian Red Cross does its part to help young people get engaged in their communities and explore their interests.

Canadian Red Cross and babysitting
Available for young people over the age of 11, the babysitting course created by the Canadian Red Cross helps youngsters learn what to do in the event of an emergency.

The course also offers an overview of the basic responsibilities that go with being a babysitter, and how youth can reduce the risks of certain incidents by practicing safety tips and learning essential child care abilities.

Packing a babysitting kit
Once you or the young person in your life has completed the Canadian Red Cross' training, it's time to get the fun underway and progress on the path toward professional babysitting and childcare!

In order to have a safe yet fun experience, the Canadian Red Cross recommends that babysitters put together a kit that contains all the essential items they'll need while babysitting.

These things include the Canadian Red Cross' Babysitter Manual, a first aid kit or supplies, crayons and construction paper and toys or movies that are suitable for a child's age group.

Take action
Babysitting is a wonderful way for young people to give back to the community, gain valuable training and develop essential leadership skills. Best of all, the friendships that young people make as a result may last for years to come, making the experience of caregiving more memorable to youth.

The programs offered by the Canadian Red Cross give young people the opportunity to gain the knowledge they'll need to become dedicated babysitters.

Whether there's a young person in your life who you feel could benefit from getting involved or you simply feel passionate about the cause, with the support of Canadians like you, the Canadian Red Cross can continue to offer these services and many more across the country.

To show your support, you can donate online or at your local Canadian Red Cross office today.

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