Alberta volunteer receives the Order of Red Cross

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August 08, 2013

Alberta volunteer receives the Order of Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross is a charity organization that works to help people who have been affected by emergencies and disasters.

Canadian Red Cross programs provide a critical level of assistance during times of need, following emergencies such as floods, snowstorms, earthquakes, forest fires and other natural disasters.

While it can be impossible to predict when these things will happen, Canadian Red Cross' services offer an essential layer of support that can help individuals overcome these and other risks.

The work of the Red Cross would not be possible without the help of volunteers, who bring passion, skills and commitment to every project the Red Cross engages in. 

Several volunteers were recently recognized by the Red Cross, including Mary-Jane Dawson. If you're interested in getting involved, you should learn more about Mary-Jane and other individuals who work with the organization.

Making an impact
Mary-Jane Dawson was recently awarded the Order of the Red Cross, as a result of her hard​ work and dedication to the ideals of the Red Cross.

For more than 10 years, Mary-Jane has worked as a regional council member of the Canadian Red Cross. She has also served as the governor for the Canadian Red Cross and as a member of the National Audit and Finance Committee.

She was given the award by Sara Fowler, who is a member of the National Board of Directors. The event was held in Edmonton, Alberta.

Volunteering with the Red Cross
People who are in search of new opportunities and the chance to get involved with a non-profit organization like the Canadian Red Cross should consider volunteering today.

The Red Cross can help people further develop as professionals, build upon existing education and training, and also learn some exciting new skills along the way. More than 25,000 people volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross, each of whom is from a different walk of life and brings unique skills to the table.

In June 2012, the Canadian Red Cross appointed eight new members to the Board of Directors. The members of the Canadian Red Cross Society Board of Directors were elected from four different councils, which are located in different regions of Canada.

The new members - Gordon Shead, Gilles C. Lachance, Dennis Chow, Colleen Schneider, Kathleen Mahoney, Alan Pearson, Peter Sloly and Michel Brunet - are all volunteers who will serve two-year terms.

To give back to your community and take action, consider the benefits of becoming a volunteer. You may be starting a new career with the Red Cross, which will benefit you in the years to come.

Make a difference
Volunteering with the Canadian Red Cross provides individuals with the opportunity to gain better skills and increased knowledge of the world around them. Through volunteering with the Red Cross, people can also develop greater connections with others around them and gain valuable training, which they can use later on for a variety of jobs.

As one of the most active organizations in Canada, the Canadian Red Cross works to help those in need and give them the resources to overcome challenges and other issues that may emerge as a result of emergencies and disasters.

Volunteers with the Canadian Red Cross help to capture the charitable spirit that is at the heart of the National Society's work and do their part to make a difference in the lives of people affected by a variety of different incidents around the world.

To learn more about volunteering options with the Red Cross or to show your support today, please donate online or reach out to your local Red Cross office. With each contribution, you can help people affected by hardships gain assistance.

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