Many Canadians are concerned about access to healthcare

Topics: Alberta, British Columbia and Yukon, Community Health
August 07, 2012

Many Canadians are concerned about access to healthcare

Every community requires high-quality, accessible healthcare in order to thrive economically and socially. However, in certain regions of Canada, access to hospitals and physicians' offices remains a top concern.

A survey conducted by research group Ipsos Public Affairs recently revealed that healthcare is a main worry for all Canadians, but especially for residents of Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

John Wright, senior vice president of Ipsos, was quoted by the news outlet as saying that in Alberta, much of the healthcare strain is due to a population boom.

According to the Canadian Council on Social Development, Canada has the fourth highest per capita healthcare expenditures of all nations, spending more than $3,000 per resident each year.

Senior citizens naturally experience more health problems than other age groups. Moreover, many are susceptible to poverty as they lose their ability to work. However, organizations like the Canadian Red Cross offer services to elderly individuals who may be in need of home care services, transportation to and from appointments, or at-home care for chronic conditions. Seniors may also be eligible for health equipment loans to obtain vital items like canes, crutches, wheelchairs and other accommodations for care at home.

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