"Imagine... No Bullying" offers invaluable experience for Canadian youth

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November 26, 2012

"Imagine... No Bullying" offers invaluable experience for Canadian youth

As the country's leading non-profit organization, the Canadian Red Cross plays an essential role in providing humanitarian relief to vulnerable communities in the aftermath of emergencies and disasters.

In addition, the Canadian Red Cross has provided crucial support for campaigns that seek to drive awareness of issues impacting those who suffer from violence and abuse, like "Imagine... No Bullying." Based in British Columbia, this inspirational initiative seeks to prevent bullying and bring people together.

While the campaign's mission promises to have a remarkable impact, it's equally exceptional because "Imagine... No Bullying" offers wonderful opportunities for Canadian youth to make a difference in their communities and get involved with the Canadian Red Cross.

Imagine... the role of youth
The campaign, which was launched this past October, mobilizes both adults and youth to recognize the damaging effects that bullying can have on an individual and take a stand.

Developed by the Canadian Red Cross in partnership with PerfectMIND, an organization which has a history of supporting children's charities, "Imagine... No Bullying" helps educate Canadians about the critical role that bystanders play in the prevention of bullying.

The website for "Imagine... No Bullying" offers young people the chance to share their stories and obtain helpful advice on how to eliminate bullying in their communities. Armed with this amazing knowledge, youth can begin to inspire real changes that can create a ripple effect, transforming their homes, schools and favorite hangout spots to places of acceptance and cooperation for people of all ages.

How you can help
If you or someone you know has been searching for a way to gain valuable, hands-on experience, forge lasting friendships and confront challenging social issues in a meaningful and empathetic way, you should consider getting involved with the dynamic programs offered by the Canadian Red Cross.

Both abroad and at home, the Canadian Red Cross works tirelessly to provide help to those in need and give them the tools they require to make a fresh start.

By getting involved with an anti-bullying program, young people can gain tremendous insight into the world and make a difference in the lives of people affected by incidents and disasters. Please visit us online or contact your local Canadian Red Cross office to learn more.

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