Dynamic training programs get young people excited about water safety

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September 28, 2012

Dynamic training programs get young people excited about water safety

Some young Canadians may be on the fence about what to do in the future, while others may rejoice at the opportunity to give back to the community and engage in fun-filled activities. With the versatile and multifaceted water safety programs offered by the Canadian Red Cross, young people can gain tremendous new abilities, develop lifelong friendships and even discover passions they never knew they had!

The Canadian Red Cross can help youth achieve his or her goals of helping others learn about swimming in a healthy and informed environment, and because the Red Cross is a leader in swimming and water safety programs throughout the country, they will gain the best and most up-to-date skills possible in the field.

The Assistant Water Safety Instructor course is now available to anyone aged 15 or older. This exciting change in policy means that more young people can get an early start on their involvement with the Red Cross. For Training Partners, the Canadian Red Cross' decision to lower the eligibility age of potential Assistant Water Safety Instructors from 16 to 15 means that more dynamic and energetic youth can be on-hand to meet their needs.

Young Canadians who take advantage of the course can gain valuable access to innovative lessons and the ability to put their in-class learning to great use through a variety of interactive and hands-on exercises, intended to test their ability and prepare them for the challenges they may meet in the field.

The training available through the Assistant Water Safety Instructor course can leave youngsters poised to take advantage of all kinds of unique opportunities in the future. For those who look forward to working in the field of aquatics, getting involved with the Canadian Red Cross at a young age can set an unbelievable precedent for the course of one's career!

While the Assistant Water Safety Instructor program targets youth over the age of 15, the Canadian Red Cross offers other tracks toward becoming part of the organization's water safety initiatives.

The Canadian Red Cross is pleased to announce another dynamic program opportunity for youth. Along with Swimming Canada and the Coaching Association of Canada, the Red Cross now offers a more streamlined yet comprehensive initiative that can help current Water Safety Instructors (WSI) achieve another goal of becoming a full-fledged swimming coach.

The National Coaching Certification Program Swimming Teacher certification is a sensational and accelerated way for WSI's to apply the tools they achieved through the Red Cross to the community at large by working with swim clubs throughout the area. For young people, the development of this initiative means that in the years to come, becoming a coach will be easier than ever!

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