Canadian Red Cross upholds the values of International Human Rights Day year-round

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December 14, 2012

Canadian Red Cross upholds the values of International Human Rights Day year-round

Observed on December 10, International Human Rights Day is a chance for the global community to acknowledge the rights of all individuals to have a say in the laws that govern their countries, as well as to voice their opinions and concerns about events occurring around the world.

This event also provides advocates of international humanitarian law with the opportunity to draw attention to specific issues that arise during armed conflict.

The role of the Canadian Red Cross
As part of the world's largest non-profit organization, the Canadian Red Cross plays a crucial role in upholding the tenets of international humanitarian law around the world.

Upholding human rights
Armed conflict can break out at any time, leaving many individuals at risk. International humanitarian law, also known as the laws of war, exists to keep people who are living in war-affected areas safe, but without the presence of organizations like the Canadian Red Cross, many communities struggle to keep civilians free from harm.

In an effort to uphold international humanitarian law, the Canadian Red Cross supports programs that provide emergency care, including primary and preventative health services, as well as psychological and social support for individuals at risk. By helping educate people in conflict zones about medical issues, human rights and other pertinent issues, the Canadian Red Cross works to resolve problems in vulnerable areas and promote a better quality of life.

How you can help
The needs of communities impacted by conflicts and natural disasters are great, but with help from the Canadian Red Cross, those in need are able to gain the resources to move forward.

With your generous support, the Canadian Red Cross can continue to offer services that improve the lives of individuals affected by international emergencies. By choosing to donate today, you'll be able to make a difference.

To learn more about how you can show your support for the Canadian Red Cross, please donate online or contact your local Canadian Red Cross office today. 

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