Arthur Peters looks back on the lasting influence of the Canadian Red Cross

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December 31, 2012

Arthur Peters looks back on the lasting influence of the Canadian Red Cross

The Canadian Red Cross is the country's largest non-profit organization and plays an important role in improving the lives of those in need with programs that offer different forms of assistance.

From emergencies and disasters to providing aid to individuals in the community through direct relief at home, the Canadian Red Cross strives to give those affected by adversity the resources they need to enjoy a better quality of life.

For Canadians like Arthur Peters, the services offered by the Canadian Red Cross provide help when it's most needed and make a significant impact on daily life.

Arthur's story
Arthur Peters' experience with the Canadian Red Cross goes back to his childhood. He can still remember the mornings when his mother - a volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross - would wake up early and get everyone ready for school while also preparing to head to work.

Arthur's mother helped people in need of assistance in their homes. Yet one Sunday, while the family was preparing to leave for church, his mother slipped, fell down the stairs and broke her leg. She was also pregnant.

After being transported to the hospital, Arthur's mother was treated for her injury and remained in medical care until, nine days later, she gave birth to her baby.

"They were so good to us."
After Arthur's mother was injured, the Canadian Red Cross immediately began providing assistance to the family, which included children between the ages of eight and 14.

Volunteers with the Canadian Red Cross cooked meals for Arthur and his siblings, made them lunches and saw to it that they made it to and from school. They also cleaned the house while his mother recovered.

"They were so good to us," recalls Arthur. "I remember one of the ladies taking us to the mall for lunch one day."

Years later, Arthur's respect for the Canadian Red Cross inspired him to work with the organization, helping advocate for and provide relief to individuals affected by emergencies like house fires and floods.

"It is great to give back to the organization that helped my family and I proudly do this as a monthly donor," adds Arthur.

Show your support today
The Canadian Red Cross' humanitarian work takes the organization to countries across the world and to communities around Canada. No matter where they are, the men and women of the Canadian Red Cross strive to create a better life for those in need with aid programs.

The Canadian Red Cross makes a significant impact on the ground, and with the support of generous Canadians like you, can continue to offer services that help individuals affected by emergencies and disasters become more resourceful and empowered.

By becoming a monthly donor, you can provide consistent aid to the Canadian Red Cross and enable the organization to reach out to more people. You can donate online today or reach out to your local Canadian Red Cross office to learn more. 

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