The Red Cross continues to assist in Lac-Mégantic

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July 02, 2015

Two years will soon have passed since the tragic events in Lac-Mégantic, and the Red Cross continues to help the community get back on its feet. To date, 3,236 people have received Red Cross assistance, including children who have lost one or both parents, workers and students who have lost their jobs, as well as the owners of businesses affected by the disaster. Support has also been provided to 232 businesses, 17 non-profit organizations and over 150 projects.
Out of $14,860,000 raised, more than $12 million has already been committed. “Thanks to the public’s generous response, our team was able to set up an assistance program with several components that provided direct assistance to one out of every two people in Lac-Mégantic” says Quebec Division Director General, Michel Léveillé. “The community as a whole will also benefit from the program through various projects that have been completed and are still to come, in health care, education or support for various recovery and reconstruction initiatives.”
The Red Cross continues to work closely with local responders and partners, focusing among other things on rebuilding the downtown sector. “The local advisory committee remains active, and we are grateful to its members. We also wish to thank the Mayor of Lac-Mégantic, Colette Roy Laroche, for the support she has given to Red Cross operations in her community,” added Mr. Léveillé.
“We have been deeply touched by the contributions made to the Red Cross Lac-Mégantic Support Fund, says Colette Roy Laroche. These gifts continue to be a source of hope. Even today, we can still see concrete evidence of the support that donors provide. Every new project helps to bring the local population one step closer to recovery. This is a very proud community, and we look to the future with confidence, patience and hope.”
For more information and to read the two-year progress report, visit the “Lac-Mégantic Response” section of the Canadian Red Cross website at
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