The Canadian Red Cross Lays the Cornerstone at the Saint-Michel Hospital in Jacmel

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December 10, 2013

(Ottawa, December 10, 2013) – In collaboration with the Haitian Red Cross and the Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP), and with the financial support of the American Red Cross, the Canadian Red Cross is proud to celebrate the laying of the cornerstone at the Saint-Michel Hospital in Jacmel in the presence of Dr. Florence Duperval Guillaume, Minister of Haitian Public Health and Population. The hospital, heavily damaged in the 2010 earthquake, is part of the Integrated Health Program announced by the Canadian Red Cross in 2011.

With the goal of not only planning long-term support but also working with the authorities, the hospital reconstruction project is in line with the Haitian MSPP strategy to “build back a better healthcare system to improve the health of vulnerable groups”, which include mothers, children, and those affected by the earthquake. “We are proud to partner with the MSPP in reconstructing and upgrading the regional hospital, and are pleased with their commitment to provide the human resources to ensure it runs smoothly,” said Jean-Philippe Tizi, Director of Operations, Haiti.

Phase one, the first of three reconstruction phases at the Saint-Michel Hospital, is funded in the amount of CAD $15 million thanks to donations collected by the Canadian and American Red Cross. The MSSP has also contributed CAD $3 million to the project, an investment that will help the Jacmel Hospital to better achieve its goals. Upon completion, scheduled for March 2016, the Saint-Michel Hospital in Jacmel will assume its responsibility to meet MSPP standards as a regional hospital.

“The Canadian Red Cross has been supporting the Haitian Red Cross since 2004 and has become increasingly involved in the country and South-East department following the earthquake. Today’s announcement is further evidence of our commitment to the Haitian people. Promoting health is a significant part of the Red Cross’ work; the Integrated Health Program aims to provide support for all levels of the healthcare continuum, improving access to quality services and strengthening communities in terms of community-based health and first aid,” said Alan Dean, Chair of the Canadian Red Cross Board of Directors.

Project background
Phase one of the Saint-Michel Hospital reconstruction and the renovation/ reconstruction of four health centres are part of the Haitian Integrated Health Program. The five-year, $25 million program will be implemented by the Canadian and Haitian Red Cross in close collaboration with the MSPP and in partnership with the Sainte-Justine University Hospital Centre of Montreal, the Public Health Directorate of Quebec, and the International Health Unit at the University of Montreal. The program, which will reconstruct the healthcare system of Haiti’s South-East department, is designed to maximize long-term benefits for the most vulnerable groups. It aims to improve access to quality healthcare services for mothers/children/newborns, as well as build stronger communities in terms of community-based health and first aid.

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