Red Cross Pink Day spurs thousands to stand for respect

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REGINA | February 22, 2017

Today, Saskatchewan is taking a stand for respect during national Red Cross Pink Day.
“Saskatchewan has once again stepped up to respond to one of the biggest issues facing youth today. Over the last week, 20,000 students and adults have said that bullying is no longer acceptable by purchasing and wearing official Red Cross Pink Day gear,” said Red Cross Pink Day project manager Luc Mullinder. “It also means that we have been able to fundraise enough to reach students across the province with the education and messages necessary to help them recognize and respond to bullying.”
Businesses and organizations across the province are showing their support by wearing official Red Cross Pink Day gear and holding fundraisers like casual days.
Presented by AGT Foods and Ingredients Inc., Red Cross Pink Day raises awareness about the impact of bullying and what people can do to create safe and respectful environments. For each official Pink Day shirt sold, the Canadian Red Cross reaches one person to recognize and respond to bullying.
“Pink Day is an opportunity for everyone in our province to stand together against bullying,” said Deputy Premier and Education Minister Don Morgan.“ It sends a powerful message to our youth about the importance of treating each other with kindness and respect. I’m grateful to the businesses, organizations and community members supporting this great cause and to the Red Cross for their continued dedication to Saskatchewan Youth.” 
Also supported by the Saskatchewan Roughriders, AGT Foods, Extreme Hockey, STC, DuPont, Canadian Digital Network, STC, and K+S Potash, all proceeds from Red Cross Pink Day go directly to supporting Red Cross bullying prevention education in Saskatchewan.
The Canadian Red Cross is Canada’s leader in bullying prevention education. For tips and more information about bullying and Red Cross bullying prevention education programs, contact your local Red Cross office, or visit
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