New Red Cross Pink Day shirt introduced

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REGINA | January 10, 2018

The Canadian Red Cross wants you to be someone’s hero when you witness bullying in a school, on the playground or in workplaces. The hashtag #BeSomeonesHero and a comic book font highlight the superhero theme of the iconic Pink Day T-shirt revealed by the Red Cross today.
Red Cross Pink Day, presented by K+S Potash Canada, is Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018, across Canada. Official T-shirts and resources like bullying prevention tips are available now at For every shirt sold, the Red Cross can reach one student with bullying prevention messages.

  • Half of adult Canadians think youth today have it worse than they did as students, when it comes to bullying.
  • When youth stand up and speak out against bullying, they are successful in stopping the bullying behaviour over half the time (57 per cent) in about 10 seconds.
  • After taking Red Cross bullying prevention training, a survey of 700 Canadian students showed that 93 per cent said they will help when they witness someone being bullied or discriminated against (online or in person). For example, they will tell an adult, say something if they felt safe to do so, or will comfort the person being bullied.
  • K+S Potash Canada is the Presenting Sponsor of 2018 Red Cross Pink Day.
  • Supporting sponsors of Red Cross Pink Day include AGT Foods, the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Signpatico, and Access Communications.
  • Have ongoing discussions about relationships and bullying with children throughout the school year.
  • Conversations about boundaries and respect are important. Listen to children about their experiences and concerns and allow them to share their feelings.
  • Encourage children to take a stand against bullying by: telling an adult they trust if they see or know that someone is being bullied; not joining in by cheering if they see bullying happening; providing support and friendship to the person being bullied; using his/her influence to change the situation.
  • Remind children often of their value and importance – help build their capacity and self-esteem.
“We know that bullying will usually stop within 10 seconds when someone intervenes. We also know that peers are present in almost every instance of bullying. That is why the “Be Someone’s Hero” message is so important. For every Red Cross Pink Day T-shirt we sell, we can reach one more student with the basic information they need to intervene in a safe way.” – Cindy Fuchs, Vice-President, Saskatchewan, Canadian Red Cross
“K+S Potash Canada is proud to be the title sponsor of Pink Day in Saskatchewan,” says Sydney Gossard, Communications Specialist, K+S Potash Canada. “This initiative encourages positive relationships, kindness, and treating others with respect. The pink shirt is symbolic of these values, and of the culture change that is taking place. We hope all of Saskatchewan will join us again on February 28 for Pink Day celebrations. We are all capable of being someone’s hero!”  
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