New name, date, and look for Red Cross Pink Day

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REGINA | October 30, 2015

The Canadian Red Cross is unveiling a new shirt design, new date and a new name for its annual bullying prevention awareness event.

The name, Red Cross Pink Day, the date, February 24, 2016, and the new t-shirt design were all chosen in response to feedback from students and schools, and to align with Red Cross Pink Day campaigns in other provinces.
Official Red Cross Pink Day merchandise is now on sale at from now until the deadline on February 10, 2016. All proceeds stay in Saskatchewan and every item sold helps the Red Cross reach another Saskatchewan student with bullying prevention tools and information. 
Dan Clark (Saskatchewan Roughrider and Red Cross bullying prevention presenter) and Luc Mullinder (Saskatchewan Roughrider alumni, football analyst, and Canadian Red Cross bullying prevention presenter) revealed the new shirt along with students at Winston Knoll Collegiate in Regina.

“What started as a simple t-shirt has transformed into a culture change that is locked into the hearts of all of those who can imagine no bullying,” said Mullinder. “Every year, more and more schools and organizations are joining the movement to change our culture by creating healthy and safe environments across Saskatchewan.”
Presented by RBC, Red Cross Pink Day aims to raise awareness about bullying issues and what people can do to create safe and respectful environments. Thousands of students and businesses across the province will wear official shirts, hats, bracelets and stickers to celebrate the day. Hundreds of schools, businesses and communities across the province will come together to  hold assemblies, rallies and parades that help promote respect and celebrate Red Cross Pink Day initiatives.
“Red Cross Pink Day is just one part of a year-round effort from the whole community to stop bullying,” stated Mullinder. “Working in partnership with RBC, we want to start a conversation on February 24 that will carry on past this day and will also resonate across the entire province.”
"At RBC, we are passionate about supporting a culture of kindness in our classrooms, living rooms, and boardrooms, and that's why we're so proud to once again partner with Canadian Red Cross on standing up for respect," said Kim Ulmer, RBC Regional President. "From February 24th to International Day of Pink on April 13th, we look forward to joining schools and businesses throughout Saskatchewan in celebrating diversity, inclusion, and the important role we all can play in making a difference for others.”

In the coming weeks RBC, together with the Canadian Red Cross, looks forward to announcing the details of awards that will recognize change makers among participating schools. 

The Canadian Red Cross is Canada’s leader in bullying prevention education. Its Respect Education team provides award-winning violence, bullying, and abuse prevention programming that educates children, youth and adults on how to stop and get help for violence.
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