Canadian Red Cross sends team to Japan to assist Canadians in hospital with Coronavirus

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Ottawa | February 20, 2020

The Canadian Red Cross is sending a team of aid workers to Japan to provide crucial assistance to Canadian passengers that have tested positive for coronavirus COVID-19 after travelling aboard the Diamond Princess cruise liner. Red Cross experts are working in support of the Government of Canada to ensure individuals have access to accurate and timely information, and crucial support services during their treatment in Japan.

Upon arrival, Red Cross personnel will support Canadians in the care of the Japanese health system with psychosocial and emotional support, information and referrals to available services provided by the Canadian Government, as well as family reunification services, as needed. French and English language support will also be available.


  • Four Red Cross aid workers will travel to Japan on February 20, 2020.

    The team will be made up of Red Cross staff and delegates with expertise in responding to global health emergencies and providing psychosocial care.

  • Red Cross will provide essential support services to those undergoing treatment.

    The Red Cross will provide emotional support services for Canadian patients with coronavirus, and ensure they have a clear understanding of, and easy access to, available Government of Canada services. Japanese interpreters will be assisting with French and English language support.

  • Red Cross will provide family reunification services upon request.

    Upon request, the Red Cross will facilitate the identification of and contact between Canadians in Japan who are affected by coronavirus and their relatives.

The Canadian Red Cross is well-positioned to assist the individuals currently in Japan. The strength of the Red Cross Movement lies in its global network of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Working closely with the Japanese Red Cross Society, the Canadian Red Cross will be delivering urgent assistance to Canadians in Japan until they are able to travel onwards.


“The Canadian Red Cross, in support of the Government of Canada, will provide an imperative service for Canadians in Japan that have been affected by coronavirus COVID-19. Being quarantined in a foreign country, coupled with a positive diagnosis, is an extremely challenging situation to be in. I am confident the Canadian Red Cross team will help to provide comfort and support and reduce feelings of stress and isolation for the travellers in hospital, as well as their loved ones abroad.”

– Conrad Sauvé, President and CEO, Canadian Red Cross  

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