Workplace First Aid and CPR Training

Meet workplace first aid requirements and access customized Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) solutions with our Major Account Solutions (MAS) program

The Canadian Red Cross Major Account Solutions (MAS) program makes it easier to ensure consistent, flexible training for all your employees. We can assist you in meeting first aid workplace requirements, standardizing your first aid and CPR/AED training across all locations and supporting a strong health- and safety-oriented workplace culture. Our experienced Instructors are focused on enhancing employee preparedness and reducing injury, which saves money and helps keep employees safe. Our comprehensive menu of training includes first aid, CPR, Psychological First Aid and OH&S courses.

CPR training courseOur courses incorporate the latest evidence-based scientific research on workplace safety (how to prevent and treat workplace injuries) and support a learner-centric environment for skill acquisition.

Our first aid and CPR courses offer:

  • Dynamic training techniques including video, media presentations, skills demonstrations, practice sessions, scenarios based on real-life situations, discussions and exercises.
  • Highly trained Instructors, many of whom are front-line professionals – firefighters, emergency medical responders, and nurses – who can enhance courses through their own experience and knowledge.
  • Better learning experience through hands-on training using CPR mannequins, AED trainers, etc. Higher equipment-to-participant ratios enable participants more time to practice skills.
  • Tailored classroom content to fit participants’ needs so employees will learn more effectively and be confident to act in the event of a sudden illness or injury.  
  • User-friendly full-colour manuals with photos, charts and lists developed with feedback from past participants and Instructors. Digital reference manuals also available.
  • An online Comprehensive Guide for First Aid & CPR with more in-depth information for those employees wishing more information on any topic.
  • A variety of delivery formats including online and blended approaches to learning. Self-directed learning options reduce the time employees are required to spend in the classroom. For in-person training, we can train at your workplace or at Red Cross Training Partner facilities, giving employees greater flexibility and helping reduce travel time, especially in remote locations. 
For more information: Download our Major Account Solutions information sheet.

Regulatory requirements for first aid training

Having employees trained in first aid in your workplace is a legal requirement across Canada. Most workplaces fall under provincial workplace health and safety legislation while companies federally incorporated fall under the Canada Labour Code.

Best practices: 

  • While legislation outlines the minimum requirements, when deciding on the number of employees to be trained always take into consideration employee availability as dictated by factors such as shifts, vacation time, sick leave, or meetings off-site. 
  • As a general rule, for every one person mandated by regulations, a company should train three. 
  • While having 100 per cent of employees trained in first aid is ideal, a good corporate objective is to achieve and maintain 25 per cent coverage.

Online shop for workplace first aid kits and products

To support training, Red Cross offers MAS clients access to an online portal to purchase hundreds of different first aid kits, automated external defibrillators (AEDs), and health and safety products at preferred pricing.  

Use our first aid kit calculator to help you determine which first aid kits are right for your workplace.



Our Major Account Solutions team provides account management services to first aid corporate accounts with training locations across Canada or in multiple jurisdictions. Sign up to request details about this program for your workplace.
To inquire about small group training at your workplace, visit our My Red Cross course search page to contact a Red Cross Training Partner in your area.