Self-Care & Wellness

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Self-Care & Wellness is about taking care of yourself, learning how to anticipate stress and crisis whenever possible, and equipping yourself with the skillset to practice self-care, particularly during challenging times.
The course offers tools and resources to improve coping strategies and increase personal resilience during times of heightened stress. Learners will develop a self-care plan through a self-directed online component. The online course is complemented with an Instructor-led workshop where learners apply the principles of self-care using case-based learning, group discussion, and personal reflection.
Note for Course Participants
While mental health first aid programs teach how to help someone experiencing a mental health emergency, Red Cross Psychological First Aid is a resiliency-based program for everyone that offers prevention and coping strategies for dealing with different types of stress resulting from various types of trauma.
Suitable for workplaces and groups, such as health care professionals, professional responders, teachers, young adults, and any audiences working together in a group setting. Course facilitation is flexible to the group’s situation and experiences.

  • 45–90 minutes for self-directed Psychological First Aid – Self-Care online component       
  • 1.5–2 hours for Instructor-led classroom component (in-person)   
Psychological First Aid Instructor

  • Recommended 16 years of age
 Course Content
  • Develop a self-care plan to improve your coping strategies and increase personal resilience during times of heightened stress.
  • Apply the principles of self-care learned in the online component through a facilitated workshop using case-based learning, group discussion, and personal reflection.
  • Successfully complete the online course: Psychological First Aid – Self-Care
  • Successfully participate in 100% of the Instructor-led classroom component
Participant Materials
  • Psychological First Aid – Self-Care online course  
  • Look, Listen, Link, Live cards (optional)
One-year certification in Self-Care & Wellness

How to Register for this Course
  1. Visit our course registration website at:  
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  3. On the dropdown just below, select “Psychological First Aid
  4. Click the dropdown labeled “All Languages” and select your preferred language of instruction
  5. On the “Select your date range” dropdown, set a start date and an end date. NOTE: while online courses can be taken anytime, you must still enter start and end dates to complete the search form.
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You will see a list of Psychological First Aid Courses that meet your search criteria.  Click the “Take this Course” button to register.

If you have previously taken Psychological First Aid – Self-Care, it is still recommended that you refresh your knowledge and self-care plan. Psychological First Aid – Self-Care is included as part of the Self-Care & Wellness Course. No discounts will be applied.

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