First Aid Basics Workshop

Duration: 1-2 hours. Also available in virtual, instructor-led delivery format.

3 participants in Red Cross First Aid courseEmergency situations occur unexpectedly—and chances are it may be someone you know who requires care. Learning first aid could help you save the life of a family member, neighbor, or loved one. If you have been hesitant to learn first aid or want to refresh your skills and boost your confidence, then First Aid Basics is for you!

Learn first aid in an atmosphere that’s fun and flexible for the learner.

First Aid Basics is an introductory workshop in basic first aid skills suitable for any audience. The goal is to make learners comfortable and confident with the first aid skills and knowledge, and to provide participants with some valuable take-away tools and resources they can reference at any time.

Participants will gain an understanding of some essential lifesaving skills and how to provide care in situations requiring first aid. This workshop is ideal for those who wish to gain practical knowledge in the basics of first aid.
  • Topics can be tailored to the specific interests of the learners
  • A workshop can be delivered in 1-2 hours or in shorter segments, providing a brief introduction on the essential skills for each topic.
  • Beneficial for those who wish to update or refresh their first aid skills and knowledge and build their confidence to respond in an emergency.
  • Suitable for a variety of audiences, including new parents, grandparents, caregivers for aging parents, or those with English as a second language. Workshop resources are available in English, French, Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese, Punjabi, and Hindi.

Workshop topics Include:

  • Chain of survival behaviours
  • Check, Call, Care
  • Choking (recognition, back blows, abdominal thrusts, chest thrusts)
  • CPR/AED (signs of heart attack and stroke, compression-only CPR, CPR with AED)
  • Life-threatening bleeding
  • Breathing emergencies (recognition of asthma and anaphylaxis)
  • Mental health crisis

Participants will leave the course with:

  • First Aid Basics Guide (print and/or electronic format)*
  • Red Cross First Aid App (downloadable)
  • Optional participation certificate (available electronically upon completion)
*The First Aid Basics Guide is available in English, French, Traditional Chinese, Simple Chinese, Punjabi, and Hindi!

Don’t wait any longer! Learn skills that could one day save a life.