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April 11, 2019

While teaching a Grade 5/6 class about bullying prevention and healthy relationships, a girl started sharing her story with two of the Red Cross presenters.

She showed them her arms and shared how she cut herself and that she had tried to commit suicide on a few occasions. While surprised by her frankness, the presenters spoke calmly with her, and ensured her that she was safe. Most importantly, they just let the girl talk. Following the conversation, they alerted school staff to the situation.

“This young girl felt good around us, she felt safe around us which was really pretty cool,” said Scott McHenry, Sr. Advisor, Violence and Prevention for the Red Cross in Saskatchewan.

The next day, she handed each presenter a letter. She wrote about the issues she was facing, how she was feeling, and other things that would have been difficult for anyone to process, let alone a young girl.

She also shared how much it meant to her that they had taken the time to come to her community to visit and speak with her.

“It’s so powerful to know we are making a difference. Who knows if she’s ever had a person like that,” said McHenry.

Generous support from donors and partners helps the Red Cross get into communities to reach those who need us most. 

kid workshop
Scott McHenry with kids from Hector Thiboutot Community School in Sandy Bay, SK

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