A message from the Executive Cabinet

The fundamental role of the Red Cross in Saskatchewan is to help and support people and communities in vulnerable situations by mobilizing the power of humanity.

Over the course of 2019-2020, help was delivered in the form of youth education, and emergency and disaster assistance. In addition, the support provided was expanded to empowerment and leadership programs for youth and northern communities.

In the early months of 2020 when the pandemic hit, Red Cross volunteers from many provinces, including Saskatchewan, were deployed to answer the call when Canadians coming home from abroad were mandated to isolate. Learning from that experience, the Red Cross in Saskatchewan adapted quickly to educate and safely fill a need for those who were in self-isolation, in particular for those without the means to do so.

It is our view that Red Cross in Saskatchewan continues to evolve towards being increasingly focused and strategic, while continuing to remain flexible and available to help communities and governments in areas of basic human need.

As members of the Executive Cabinet, we look from the outside in to help fill gaps we see from our urban, rural, and northern Saskatchewan perspectives. In addition, we attend various Red Cross functions, Tiffany Circle events and share the numerous ways the Red Cross is working to support the people of this province, and beyond, in our collective networks.

We are always amazed at the amount of work being done by Red Cross staff and volunteers at the local, provincial, national and international levels. We would like to thank the local staff for preparing quarterly updates, asking hard questions, and taking our feed­back to heart. It is an honour to be a serve as part of the Executive Cabinet.

Tami Wall, Chair Saskatchewan Executive Cabinet
Executive Cabinet
Members of the Executive Cabinet 2019-2020
From left to right: Tim Loftsgard, Maurice (Mo) Bundon, Eric Cline , Steve McLellan, Tami Wall (Chair) , Dorothy Slawinski, Kimberly Stonechild, Lance Donison; Missing: Craig Reynolds

The mandate of the cabinet is to:
  • Bring together prominent high-level supporters who endorse the work of Red Cross in Saskatchewan
  • Provide strategic perspective to the organization
  • Assist with expanding the network of corporate and individual support and stewardship

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