Tools to make your workplace campaign a success


Thank you for supporting the Red Cross’ humanitarian action in your community

Our team has prepared an array of tools to help you organize a successful workplace fundraising campaign. You can download the resources below or contact us anytime.

Contact us anytime

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Plan your campaign
  *Document updated for the 2019-2020 campaigns

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Inspire your company with in-person or video accounts that bring the local Red Cross’ action to life

Every three hours, Red Cross teams are mobilized to provide essential emergency aid to people affected by disasters across the country.
  1. Contact us to invite a volunteer to speak to your company about the impact of your colleagues’ donations.
  2. Download this one-pager on how your donations help* or and visit this page to read stories about the people you have helped us support.
  3. Download and share this video with colleagues to help demonstrate the work of Red Cross volunteers in your community   

Get your colleagues involved

Using promotional materials and blurbs:

  • Campaign poster 
    • Canada poster 17 x 25 format: Red Cross responds every three hours to disasters big and small across Canada
    • Quebec poster 17 x 25 format*: Red Cross responds to disasters three times a day in Quebec
  • Thermometer* to track the progress of the campaign and encourage your colleagues to reach the goal set
  • Red Cross at a glance one-pager*: how your donations help, disaster response statistics and story from a family who received Red Cross help.  
  • Canadian Red Cross logo
*Document updated for 2019-2020 campaigns

Other stories and blurbs to support you before, during, and after the campaign

  Campaign blurbs:  Thank you blurbs: