Canadian Red Cross awards its highest honour to Ellie Cansfield from Manitoba

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Laura Ellis | April 19, 2023

Ellis CansfieldIn her 10 years of services since joining the Canadian Red Cross in 2013, Ellie Cansfield has been one of the most reliable and dedicated volunteers in Manitoba. In that time, she has contributed to multiple programs, including Philanthropy, Learning and Development, and Emergency Management. She is always willing to take on whatever needs to be done and never hesitates when asked to assist communities in need to support – from evacuations to COVID-19 outbreaks. She is a mentor for others as well, having spent time facilitating with Learning and Development and working with newer site managers to help them understand processes and best practices.
Ellie has been a huge asset to the Manitoba Emergency Management team for her focus on improving processes and procedures in disaster response. She has shared her experience and knowledge to ensure the steps to follow disaster response in Manitoba are the most efficient and focused as they can be. She has written our response procedures for the 2022 year and taught them to both staff and volunteers. This exemplifies her leadership, dedication and expertise in her field.

Ellie’s contributions are especially valuable as Manitoba’s team is frequently activated due to our agreement with the federal government to provide services to First Nations communities in Manitoba. The Manitoba Emergency Management team would not be the strong and prepared team it is today without Ellie! Her commitment to the organization and its fundamental principle of Volunteerism is unmatched and it shows in all the work she does. She cares deeply about helping others and increasing community resiliency; she always displays a positive attitude, humility and kindness towards everyone she meets. Ellie is someone everyone looks forward to working with.
In recognition of her deep and abiding devotion to the Fundamental Principles of the Society, as exemplified by her extraordinary contributions she has made to our humanitarian work, and in appreciation of her ongoing commitment to the community, the Canadian Red Cross Society takes great pleasure in welcoming Ellie Cansfield to the Order of Red Cross.
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