Welcome, Red Cross Walmart Ambassadors!

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This page contains all the resources and information you need to be an amazing Canadian Red Cross Walmart Ambassador.

Since 2003, Walmart has been an integral part of the Red Cross team. Each year, Walmart stores across Canada dedicate several weeks to fundraise in support of the Red Cross.

This year’s annual in-store campaign takes place June 29 - July 28. Together, our goal is to raise $3.5 million, plus a Walmart donation of an additional $1 million to support Red Cross activities across the country.

Thank You! We appreciate you answering the call to become a Red Cross Walmart Ambassador! The relationship you build between the Red Cross and your local Walmart stores is critical to us achieving the campaign goal and ensuring the Red Cross is always ready to provide food, shelter, clothing, financial support, and essential supplies whenever a family is affected by a fire or emergency.

Thank you once again for your dedication and commitment to the 2023 Walmart Campaign. Your efforts are changing lives!

Resources can be downloaded individually below.

Recorded - New Ambassador training session
If you weren’t able to attend New Ambassador training live - watch this recorded session.

Ambassador Training PowerPoint
The slides and notes used during Ambassador training sessions.

Recorded Webinar – Returning Ambassadors
Watch a 13-minute self-guided training video which will support you in your role as an Ambassador. The video covers all the new and key information related to this year’s Walmart Campaign.

Ambassador Cheat Sheet
The Coles notes of the campaign – a great quick reference or refresher.

Campaign Background
An overview of the campaign and how it works.

Expectations and Responsibilities
Overview of what is expected of you as a Red Cross Walmart Ambassador.

Campaign Timelines and Key Activities
Breakdown of meetings and events before, during, and after the campaign.

Campaign Material Instructions
Detailed instructions on how to use the materials developed for this year’s campaign.

Ambassador Scripts/Speaking Notes
Information to help you prepare for your contact with Walmart stores.

A great reference for general questions and important information about this year’s campaign.

Campaign Newsletters
Awesome campaign updates and stories of interest from around the country.
Newsletter 1 : Canada
Newsletter 2 : Ontario | Western | Atlantic
Newsletter 3 : Canada

Fundraising Star Tracking Sheet
Used by Walmart store managers to keep track and help recognize Associates who raise more than $500. Please ensure this tracking sheet is kept up to date by your store campaign lead.

Store Contact Information Form
Form to collect key store information that will be used throughout campaign.

Store Interview Template
Online form where you can view sample Associate interview questions, type and submit responses to them. Click the link above to access.

Photo Submission Form
Use this form to submit photos and signed photo consent forms.

Expense Claim Form
Please use this form to submit any eligible expenses related to your support of the Walmart Campaign. The deadline for submission is September 5, 2023.

Photo Consent Form
Please use this form to obtain permission from Walmart Associates featured in campaign photos before submitting the photos using the new photo submission form.

In-store Materials

Cash Cling
Clings with campaign creative will be posted on the light boxes above the cash registers.

Checkout Sign
These will be posted in or around the checkout area, commonly on plexi-glass screens that are being used to help protect customers and Associates during COVID-19.

Associate Info Card - coming soon
This has the barcode that Associates scan to take a donation. This barcode is being printed locally at Walmart.

Goal Poster
The goal poster is a thermometer style design that keeps associates updated on their progress toward the store’s campaign goal.

Thank You Poster
Posted in stores to thank customers and Associates for their fundraising support.

Store Lead Materials

Campaign Buttons
A great way for Associates to show their support is by proudly wearing our campaign buttons – 100 per store.

Campaign Video
A short summary of what Red Cross does and how Walmart helps to make it happen! Please check your store received it and encourage them to play it wherever they can (e.g. in electronics department or front of store by cash area).

Campaign Playbook
This booklet is everything the store lead needs to run a great campaign. A great tool for you to reference during your contact with Walmart.

Editable Poster
Editable campaign poster that is great for any extra in-store fundraising that Associates may want to do.

Campaign Quick Reference - coming soon
The Coles notes of campaign for your store lead and Associates.

Fundraising Star Button
Earned by any Associates who have more than $500 worth of fundraising ‘sales’ during the campaign.

Fundraising Star Certificate
Earned by any Associates who have more than $500 worth of fundraising ‘sales’ during the campaign.

Digital Assets for In-store Table set up


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