Other Agencies that Might Help You Find Family

The Restoring Family Links Program helps people locate family members internationally after a separation due to an armed conflict, natural disaster, migration, or any other humanitarian crisis.

If your request falls within these categories, please contact us.

The Canadian Red Cross cannot:

  • ship prescription drugs to family members in other countries
  • ship money, clothing or other items
  • accept enquiries pertaining to child custody, child abduction or child support
  • accept requests concerning the reunification of adoptees with birth parents
  • facilitate the adoption of children from other countries
  • locate persons to settle an estate
  • accept genealogical searches
  • provide direct advocacy regarding immigration processes.

For links to organizations that may be able to assist in these cases please see below.

Adoption and separated families

Searching for a birth family or relative

International adoptions

Adoption in Canada

Legal Aid Services

By Province/Territory:


Missing persons

Aboriginal people in Canada

Persons in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Poland and Ukraine

  • The Salvation Army should be contacted in the country of the missing person. They have a presence in many nations.
  • International Soundex Reunion Registry
    An international reunion registry.
    888-886-ISRR or 888-886-4777

The United States

Missing in the UK

  • National Missing Persons Help Line
    A charity organization that concentrates on finding the most vulnerable (young, old, sick). It works with other organizations, both national and international, as well as the police and social services.
  • Look4them.org.uk
    This web site is a portal to several UK-based search organizations. It is a joint effort of nine different organizations, including the British Red Cross. The links include organizations on this list and cover almost all the same search parameters.

Missing in Australia

Missing in Poland

Missing in Ukraine

World War II related information

Canadian Veterans

United States Veterans

Holocaust related

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