A visit to a detention centre

Teams of trained and dedicated volunteers and staff, with a background in public health, social sciences or law, conduct visits to detention facilities. All volunteers and staff have cross-cultural work experience and a comprehensive understanding of Canadian Red Cross policies.

Visits follow a standard procedure that includes:

  • an initial discussion with the detaining authority;
  • a tour of detainee accommodations and facilities (kitchen, sanitary installations, healthcare facilities, dormitories, etc.);
  • private talks with detainees, individually or as a group (if requested by detainees);
  • a concluding discussion with the detaining authority to discuss observations and recommendations.

Through these visits and meetings at the local, provincial and national levels, the goal of the Red Cross is to encourage authorities to improve detention conditions and to promote the rights of those held in their care.

In order to ensure the continued trust and protection of the individuals who are detained, the Canadian Red Cross raises issues and any concerns about detention conditions directly with the detaining authorities and does not publicly disclose its findings.