Health In Emergencies

Global health

The Canadian Red Cross has a comprehensive view of health, a very high priority in development and disaster response programming. Health programs include effective interventions across a range of health needs, including long term development programming and emergency response and recovery.

Responding to health needs in emergencies

The Canadian Red Cross has increased its capacity to provide health services in international disasters. The Emergency Response Unit (ERU) can deploy within 48 hours after a request for assistance is made following an emergency.

It can quickly establish a basic healthcare unit, like a community clinic, or a field hospital able to conduct surgery. In addition to delivering primary and secondary level health services and support to the local Ministry of Health, these units also take health promotion, disease prevention and epidemic control measures within the communities it works. This saves lives and reduces the impact of injuries after a disaster, but also sets the course for recovery and longer term programming. The ERU deploys with a team of highly trained specialists, who are ready to leave on short notice, and with pre-packed standardized health equipment.