The Canadian Red Cross has been conducting telefundraising campaigns across the country since 2004. Telefundraising is a cost-effective way for the Red Cross to raise money for our ongoing work and to share news of our programs with thousands of people in all parts of the country.

We appreciate the feedback from our donors and are thankful when our donors take the time to speak to us.

Our telephone fundraisers

Our telefundraising campaigns are carried out by professional telefundraising agencies. To help make sure the fundraisers are knowledgeable ambassadors for the Red Cross, we hold training workshops to teach them about our history, ideals and programs.  We take pride in the knowledge, enthusiasm and quality of our fundraisers.

How do I know if a fundraising call is legitimate?

Telephone fundraisers working on behalf of the Canadian Red Cross only contact people who support or have supported the Canadian Red Cross in the past and will ask to speak to them by name. They will be able to respond to questions about the work of the Red Cross and upon request, will be able to provide contact information of a Canadian Red Cross staff person.