Community Fundraiser Terms and Conditions

As I undertake this fundraising event/initiative in support of the Canadian Red Cross, I agree to the following:

  1. That I will not commence the promotion or publicizing of my event until receiving approval of my event proposal from a member of the Canadian Red Cross Community Engagement Team to ensure the proposed initiative is in accordance with the mission of the Canadian Red Cross.
  2. That I agree to abide by themCanadian Red Cross’ mission, vision, values and the Seven Fundamental Principles as well as the rules and requirements outlined by the Canada Revenue Agency, Donor Bill of Rights,  and the Canadian Red Cross’ Privacy Policy during the planning and execution of this fundraising initiative.
  3. That I will communicate that my/our event is wholly independent of the Canadian Red Cross and that my/our group is not an authorized representative of the Canadian Red Cross and as such, will be transparent when communicating the extent to which Canadian Red Cross will be the beneficiary of the event (i.e. gross proceeds, net proceeds, specific amount of proceeds will go to Canadian Red Cross).
  4. That, in the event that an individual, group or company that I have contacted to request support for my event, requests no further contact from me, that I will immediately remove this individual, group or company from any further communication
  5. That I will discuss the tax receipting process with a member of the Canadian Red Cross’s Community Engagement Team before offering tax receipts to donors, ticket purchasers or participants and understand that any tax receipts are provided in accordance with Canada Revenue Guidelines and that I am not authorized to issue such receipts on behalf of the Canadian Red Cross.
  6. That any materials bearing the Red Cross brand must be approved by a member of the Community Engagement Team of the Canadian Red Cross Society prior to printing and/or distribution and that my/ our use of the logo is limited to the approved event.
  7. That I agree to indemnify and hold the Canadian Red Cross harmless against and in respect of any and all claims, demands, losses, costs, expenses, obligations, liabilities, damages, recoveries and deficiencies, including interest, penalties and reasonable legal fees it suffers that may be caused by me or our group (or event organizing committee) directly or indirectly  , as a result of or in connection with  this fundraising event/initiative
  8. That I am responsible for obtaining and licences, permits or insurance required for this event.
  9. That I agree to adhere to all federal, provincial, and municipal laws in the planning and execution of this fundraising event.
  10. That I will remit the funds raised in support of the Canadian Red Cross to the Canadian Red Cross within thirty (30) days of the completion of the event/initiative in accordance with Section 3 of this document.
  11. That the Canadian Red Cross will not fund or reimburse expenses or be responsible for any financial losses or unsettled accounts should this event/initiative not succeed financially.
  12. That the Canadian Red Cross reserves the right to refuse or relinquish involvement with me and/or this event without any liability or obligation.
  13. That I do not stand to personally or professionally gain from this fundraising endeavour in any way nor am I aware of any apparent conflict of interest that may prohibit me from acting in a philanthropic manner as the organizer of this initiative
  14. That the Canadian Red Cross has permission to use any photographs or video taken at this event or initiative that are submitted by me, taken by a Canadian Red Cross representative, or posted on social media, for recognition or promotional purposes in any media and territory in perpetuity.