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Faces of Humanity: Celebrating Canada’s humanitarians

When a disaster or emergency hits, humanitarians are quick to act. Everyday Canadians travel across the world to offer their skills and expertise to vulnerable people. Faces of Humanity is a new campaign that showcases the work of Canadians who are providing life-saving assistance around the world. 

Tears fog up my protective goggles: Canadian nurse writes from Ebola treatment centre

The days are flying by, a blur of highs and lows. We move from gut-wrenching tragedy to clapping, dancing celebration in the three steps it takes to cross between patients. Three steps more, back to tragedy again.
Yesterday, we had a six-year-old girl arrive in an ambulance full of suspected Ebola cases. She came with no contact information. We weren’t even sure of her name. Today, she died with one of our team, dressed in full protective gear, holding her hand.

Helping people to hope: Canadian nurse writes from Ebola treatment centre in Sierra Leone

Patrice Gordon, a British Columbia nurse practitioner and Red Cross delegate, is currently working at the Red Cross Ebola treatment centre in Kenema, Sierra Leone. She writes:

"I want a magic wand to get rid of this virus. But I'm glad I'm here. We are helping to give people their greatest chance for survival. It's hard to feel fully human inside our PPE (protective gear), but people can feel our touch, hear our voices, and see our eyes caring for them. We are helping people to still hope, when they have many reasons to feel hopeless."

Garth Tohms: Turning wrenches, turning fear around in Sierra Leone

Garth Tohms turns wrenches to fix water pipes, turns a good phrase in his blog and through his work as a humanitarian with the Canadian Red Cross, has helped turn peoples’ lives around in various places. Garth has deployed as a technician with the Red Cross’ Emergency Response Unit to the Philippines and South Sudan, and, most recently to Sierra Leone.

Garth Tohms: A Canadian contributing to the Ebola response

As communications staff at the Canadian Red Cross, we often get the opportunity to meet some of the many amazing individuals who contribute to our humanitarian work worldwide.

Video update from the Philippines

Dr. Danielle Perreault is a Canadian Red Cross delegate working at the field hospital in Ormoc, Philippines as a member of the medical team. In this short video, she explains how she is also doing outreach in communities impacted by Typhoon Haiyan last month to ensure their health care needs are being met.

Red Cross field hospital treating first patients in Philippines

Today in Ormoc, Philippines, a Canadian Red Cross medical team began treating their first patients at the newly opened field hospital. This field hospital, also known as an Emergency Response Unit (ERU), is ready to provide care for those in the t...

Delegate Profile: Tamara Bournival, medical logistician

Tamara Bournival is among the delegates currently deployed in the Philippines to support the Canadian Red Cross Emergency Response Unit (ERU) field hospital. Tamara is the perfect person to have in charge of medical logistics on this mission t...

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