Tech Talk: How the American Red Cross is monitoring social media during Sandy

As part of the American Red Cross’ response to Hurricane Sandy, staff and volunteers at the Digital Operations Center powered by Dell are working hard to monitor online discussions about Hurricane Sandy, nicknamed “Frankenstorm”. The Canadian Red Cross’ Media Manager, Karen Snider, is working alongside the American Red Cross to help monitor and respond to questions and provide information about shelters or storm updates.

The storm, expected to make landfall this evening, will affect the eastern coast of the United States, and the eastern and southern parts of Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes starting this evening. In a recent poll conducted by the Canadian Red Cross, two thirds of Canadians admitted that they have not taken the steps to prepare for a disaster like a hurricane. The Red Cross is urging Canadians to be prepared to sustain themselves for at least 72 hours in an emergency that may cause power outages or force evacuations.

Visit for a full list of supplies that should be included in your emergency kit.

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