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Photo of the day: Red Cross solidarity in the mountains of Nepal

Red Cross aid worker Bonnie Kearns, a nurse from Sarnia, Ontario, has been in Nepal for the past several weeks, working in a remote community affected by the earthquake to provide basic health care services.

She describes a close call she experienced on May 12, when a second powerful earthquake struck the country, and how a young local Red Cross volunteer came to offer protection.

Canadian Red Cross supports Nepalese children who have suffered through two earthquakes

A group of very lively Nepalese children are sitting inside a Canadian Red Cross tent. They are, as always, smiling and seemingly peaceful though it is hard to see into the minds of such young people who have just lived through two earthquakes. Some have lost part of their house, or lost contact with members of their family, or maybe lost a friend.

New life in Nepal

As darkness began to settle in Nepal Tuesday night after the second earthquake hit, a newborn baby’s cry restored the spirits of a team of nine Canadian Red Cross aid workers in Khukondole.

Video: Red Crosser films rockslide as new earthquake strikes Nepal

A powerful 7.3 earthquake shook Nepal less than a month after a previous earthquake resulted in thousands of lives lost and significant damage in the country. There are reports of new damage resulting from this earthquake.

Photos: Canadian aid workers providing medical care in remote community in Nepal

Dhunche is a remote village located high in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal, several hours away from Kathmandu. This is where a team of Canadian aid workers have set up tents and medical equipment, part of the Canadian Red Cross mobile field hospital, where they can provide medical care.

Video: Red Cross deploying field hospital to remote area in Nepal

The hospital in Dhunche has been severely destroyed and the patients are in tents outside. Many are injured and it is expected that more patients will arrive from the remote villages in the following days.

Red Cross providing access to clean water and sanitation, essential to Nepal relief efforts

As the relief operation continues in areas of central Nepal devastated by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake, hundreds of thousands of families face the prospect of another night in the open air, fearful of returning to their homes due to aftershocks.

In this setting, access to drinking water is limited access and there are sanitation challenges to overcome.

Photos: Red Cross sends help to Nepal

The Canadian Red Cross mobile field hospital is now on its way to Nepal, where it will provide medical care to people affected by the recent earthquake. More than 20 Canadian aid workers are being deployed to Nepal to staff the hospital.

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