Ricky Munday: Climbing mountains in Haiti and beyond

For the past 21 months, there has been no such thing as a typical day for Ricky Munday, Head of Business Support Unit for the Canadian Red Cross in Haiti.  Each day poses challenging deadlines and heavy workloads as he leads the largest single-country overseas operation in the history of the Canadian Red Cross.

Luckily, Ricky is a man who thrives on challenges, currently setting his sights on climbing the three highest peaks in every continent, an achievement that has never before been attempted. He’s already competed in the Marathon des Sables, a six day race across the Sahara desert, and was one of just 23 riders to finish the first ever mountain bike race on the Caribbean island of Haiti.

As Head of Business Support Unit, Ricky’s role is to coordinate and oversee the work of the Finance, Logistics, Human Resources, Administration, IT and security teams for the two remaining offices, reduced from four in September 2012, in Port-au-Prince and Jacmel.  

While his role is very broad, the main focus revolves around ensuring the delivery of the right resources to the right people at the right time for programs with a particular focus on Health, Disaster Risk Reduction, improving local community capacity to prepare for and respond to natural disasters like hurricanes, landslides or flooding and capacity-building of the Haitian Red Cross Society. 

Ricky is also part of the Delegation Management Team, responsible for continually monitoring risks and developing strategies to reduce them.  He also works closely with staff in Ottawa to ensure everything aligns with global policies and procedures.

But, Ricky doesn’t stop there.  He’s also a member of the Canadian Red Cross Advance Delegation Team, whose primary task is to set up a Canadian Red Cross office and scale up support systems in the immediate aftermath of a major natural disaster.

One can only imagine where Ricky’s adventures will lead him next.  The one thing you can be certain about, it will be sensational.

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