Remembering the man with the vision

Today marks the 100 years since the passing of Henry Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross movement.

As we saw earlier this week, Mr. Dunant sure had a wicked-awesome  beard. But, what are some other noteworthy facts about this Swiss businessman and humanitarian?

Well, here are few.

Did you know?

  • He was born in Geneva on 8 May 1828. World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day is celebrated every year on his birthday
  • On November 30, 1852, he founded the Geneva chapter of the YMCA
  • His book that sparked the idea for the Red Cross Movement, “A Memory of Solferino”, was printed in 1862. He paid for the publishing of all 1600 copies. Yowza!
  • His commitment to his humanitarian ideals led other areas of his life to suffer. Eventually, he accumulated many debts and was shunned by his acquaintances
  • He was the recipient of the first Nobel Peace Prize in 1901

You can find out more about Dunant’s life here.

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