Our limited time donation match from Honda Canada Foundation is no longer available. But you can still make a big difference.

An overhead aerial shot of the Yellowknife Forest Fires.
© Government of Northwest Territories
Last year, 95% of Yellowknife had to be evacuated because of wildfires. Your dollars became the 5200+ blankets that families needed NOW.
The aftermath of the 2023 Moroccan earthquake - debris and a building destroyed.
The 2023 earthquake damaged crucial hospitals in Morocco. Your donation built the tents where women gave birth just HOURS later.
A mother (Carmen), father, and their small infant smile and pose for a photo outdoors.
Carmen’s family watched their house burn in a fire, right here in Canada. Your donation meant they had a place to stay THAT NIGHT.
Can you imagine what would have happened without donations like yours? We can’t. That’s why we’re asking you to donate today.

"We were sitting in the truck watching the house burn. It was really nice in those few days when we didn’t know what was happening, or what would happen, that we were able to at least not worry about food and shelter and our baby having diapers."

On a quiet Boxing Day, Carmen had to flee her burning home with her husband, one-year old son and the family cat. That’s when Red Cross volunteers showed up. And it’s when precious donations like yours turned into food, shelter and diapers for Carmen's baby.

You can still make a difference. Your support will directly help those in need.