Advanced First Aid

Duration: 80 hours

A comprehensive course offering advanced first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills for those typically designated as a senior workplace first aid attendant. Course covers a variety of topics from basic (circulation and breathing emergencies, and prevention of disease transmission) to advanced (sudden medical emergencies and injuries to the head and/or spine), including instruction dedicated to understanding workplace legislation and responsibilities.


Red Cross Advanced Emergency Care Instructor or Emergency Care Instructor Trainer


Standard First Aid with CPR Level C


100% attendance, skills demonstration, 2 evaluated scenarios, and 80% min. passing grade on written exam


3-year certification in Advanced First Aid, CPR Level HCP, and AED


40 hours; includes CPR Level HCP

Course Content

Part 1 – Preparing to Respond

> The responder
> The emergency scene
> Preventing disease transmission

Part 2 – Establishing Priorities of Care

> Anatomy and physiology
> Assessment
> Respiratory emergencies
> Airway and ventilation
> Circulatory emergencies
> Bleeding
> Shock
> Pharmacology

Part 3 - Traumatic Injuries

> Soft tissue injuries
> Musculoskeletal injuries
> Head and spine injuries
> Chest, abdominal, and pelvic injuries

Part 4 – Medical Emergencies

> Sudden illnesses
> Poisoning
> Heat- and cold-related emergencies

Part 5 – Special Populations and Situations

> Special populations and crisis intervention
> Childbirth
> Reaching and moving people
> Multiple casualty incidents
> Transportation
> Workplace

Includes CPR HCP
Includes any other content required by specific legislation

Take-Home Materials            

Emergency Care
Emergency Care Workbook
Certification card and optional wall certificate

Printable version – Advanced First Aid Course