Red Cross Campaign for Kids Raffle

November 07, 2016

Canadian Red Cross staff members Jeanny Buan,
Scott McHenry, and Valerie Pearson
pose with Richard Philipow (Centre) and Bernice
Philipow (left)
Almost a year after she won the Red Cross Campaign for Kids Raffle, a phone call to Bernice Philipow finds her filling out her paperwork for this year’s campaign. “I just might get lucky again this year!” Philipow laughs.

When asked about how she felt when we received the news of her $25,000 win for the 2015-16 raffle she said, “It was surreal! I was literally shocked. I never win, so I didn’t even think about it after I bought the tickets.” She said the most emotional part was telling her husband, who lives in a care home. “I told him and the tears just trickled down his cheeks.”

Philipow supports many of the charity initiatives that arrive in her mailbox. “I just do. People need things; there are a lot of people out there whose lives aren’t fine. I just do my part.” She said she is always happy to support the Canadian Red Cross because of its cross-country and international reach. “I like the Red Cross, always have. You guys do wonderful things wherever they’re needed.”

The 2016-17 Campaign for Kids Raffle runs in Saskatchewan until January 31, 2017, and there is over $60,000 in cash prizes to be won. Proceeds stay in Saskatchewan and are put towards bullying prevention education, with the goal of reaching every student in the province with this education in the next three years.

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