Quebec Events, Campaigns and Fundraising

Fundraising Events and Activities Throughout Quebec

The Red Cross’ operations, which provide assistance to people affected by disasters, rely completely on public donations. Throughout Quebec, passionate and creative groups organize events and activities to raise money and support our mission. We encourage you to take part in them and/or make a donation.

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The annual Canadian Red Cross fundraising event

Since 2005, leaders and representatives of the business community have been invited to attend the Red Cross’ largest fundraising event in Canada. Each year, the humanitarian gathering has raised funds to help those in need when they need it the most.

The Entraide Campaign, a widespread solidarity movement

Every year, Quebec government employees’ and retirees’ demonstrate remarkable generosity and mobilize during the Red Cross’ largest workplace fundraising campaign. The swell of humanity is a testament to the dynamic nature of this long-standing preferred partner.

Rouge sur Blanc

Rouge sur Blanc is the annual fundraising event of the Young Leaders for the benefit of the Canadian Red Cross. Created in 2013, the event allows young professionals to network and to learn more about Red Cross’ humanitarian mission.

Rescuer Award

The Red Cross Rescuer Award acknowledges non-professional rescuers or off-duty first responders who have: volunteered to save a life; prevented further injury and/or provided comfort to the injured; or are children who were not trained but provided help (i.e. activated EMS).