Support for Impacted Residents

Emergency response support for impacted residentsThe Canadian Red Cross recognizes that the impact of the 2017 BC Wildfires will be felt for months and years to come. The Red Cross remains committed to the long-term recovery of the communities affected.

Dedicated caseworkers will continue to work with those impacted to address any unmet needs individuals and families may be experiencing as a direct result of the wildfires. By working one-on-one to assess each individual situation the Red Cross can provide the most appropriate form of assistance and help plan for long-term recovery.

The Red Cross can provide referrals and financial assistance to help individuals and families with needs such as:
  • Repair or reconstruction of damaged or destroyed homes
  • Temporary accommodations
  • Mental health and well-being supports
  • Replacement of prescription medications or dentures
  • Debris removal
  • Emergency hay and feed
If you have unmet needs as a result of the 2017 BC Wildfires please call 1-800-863-6582 to book an appointment for a confidential assessment with a caseworker.

BC Wildfire Recovery Support Centre locations and hours